Survey Three Limited is a Chartered Land Surveying Company founded 1970.
Operating nationwide from our offices in Stapleford, Nottingham, our range of services includes:-
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Survey Three Limited
Chartered Land Surveyors
Regulated by RICS

Surveys can be presented as 2D Plans or 3D Models in a variety of formats including AutoCAD DWG and DXF, LSS, MOSS and as a Point Cloud. Traditional paper and film plots are also available.

Registered in England No 2629826 as Survey Three Limited 

VAT No 568224524

Boundary Surveys
Quarry and Landfill Surveys
Measured Building Surveys
Land Surveys
Preparation of Determined Boundary Plans to accompany Land Registry form DB
Boundary Surveys and Reports
Provision of Ordnance Survey Digital Data
Surveys of tips, lagoons and silt beds to satisfy the Mines and Quarries (Tips) Regulations 1991
Full update of quarry faces and plant areas
Stockpile and overburden volume measurement
Borehole Locations
Detailed Floor Plans
External Roof Plans
Reflected Ceiling Plans
Street Scenes
Topographical Surveys at all scales in 2D and 3D
River Cross Sections/Inshore Hydrographic
Setting Out and Engineering Surveys
As Built and Monitoring Surveys
Control Surveys
Route and Pipeline Surveys
Drainage/Utility Surveys
Waste Disposal/Scrapyard License Plans
Licensing Act 2003 - Premises Plans
Golf Course measurement
Land Surveys of trees to BS 5837:2005 for planning applications