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Survey Three Limited
Chartered Land Surveyors
Regulated by RICS
Our Land Surveyors are responsible for drawing up their own surveys. We consider that the surveyor is the best person to translate the features they have surveyed in the built environment into lines on a plan.

Surveys are generally drawn using AutoCAD although we do use LSS for ground modelling.

We always try to ensure that there is no overprinting of text or levels on the final drawing.

Surveys can be presented on variety of media and in different formats. These include:

AutoCAD. 2D Plans or 3D Models in DWG or DXF formats.
MOSS Genio
Paper or Films Plots
Point Cloud
Survey Reports
Station Descriptions.

Copies of the drawings can also be supplied in PDF format.

Digital data is issued by email although a CD can be issued on request.